As a Global organisation, IFDAT is part of a wide community of focussed organisations working together for the improvement of standards within the Drug and Alcohol Testing industry. IFDAT are proud to support and work closely with our partners. If you are an organisation that would like to work with IFDAT then, in the first instance, please contact with details.

IFDAT Partners Around the Globe

EWDTS (European Workplace Drug Testing Society)

The EWDTS was formed at the end of the First European Symposium on Workplace Drug Testing, held in Huddinge, Sweden, in March 1998. The Society promoted a second Symposium in October 2000, held at San Patrignano, Rimini, Italy, in conjunction with the 6th World Congress of the Rainbow International Association Against Drugs. Most delegates to this second symposium became members of the European Workplace Drug Testing Society. 

When drug testing is being considered or used within a workplace, many people need to understand the process: Employees and their representatives; Human Resources; Occupational Health; Risk Assessors; Compliance Officers; Lawyers (for the company and for the employees); Drug Counseling and Treatment Providers.

Much of their interest focuses on the way testing is carried out. Workplace Drug Testing involves three link stages – collecting the specimen, analysing the specimen and interpreting the results of the analysis.

The EWDTS brings together the users and providers of these services, plus the equipment suppliers.

The EWTDS provides a focal point for the exchange of ideas and information:

  1. Concerns and misunderstandings can be discussed and resolved.
  2. European and other regulatory issues can be explored against the background of different cultural and legal expectations.
  3. New technical developments can be evaluated in conjunction with the people who have to deal with the practical application of workplace policies.

NDASA (National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association)

Our mission is to advocate for safe and drug-free workplaces and communities through legislative advocacy, education, training and excellence in drug and alcohol screening services.

NDASA Members Include: 

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Companies
  • Drug Testing Collectors
  • Alcohol Testing Technicians
  • Medical Review Officers
  • Laboratories
  • Designated Employer Representatives
  • Third-Party Administrators
  • Child and Family Services
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Safety Managers
  • Alcohol Test Device Manufacturers
  • Substance Abuse Professionals
  • Mobile Collectors
  • Drug Test Device Manufacturers
  • Probation/Parole Officers
  • Sober-Living Home Operators
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy Consultants

SAPAA (Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association)

SAPAA is a non-profit trade association whose members represent alcohol and drug testing service agents, including third party administrators (TPAs), in-house administrators, medical review officers (MROs), DHHS Certified Laboratories, Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs), manufacturers of testing devices, and collection sites/collectors.  Our membership includes representation from all 50 states and Canada in all of the above professions.  SAPAA is committed to providing members with up-to-date information concerning regulatory changes, state issues, industry trends, and member discounts on training courses and conferences.  

Members range from the new and inexperienced, to the seasoned professional in various capacities, which principally include: 

  • Owners and managers of private substance abuse testing firms;
  • Directors of substance abuse programs in the corporate sector;
  • Coordinators of substance abuse programs in medical facilities;
  • Representatives of industry service providers, such as testing laboratories and equipment manufacturers, MROs and collectors;
  • Government officials from agencies that have interest in the area of substance abuse detection.

DATIA (Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association)

  • DATIA’s mission includes:
    To promote the highest possible standards of professionalism and quality control in the drug and alcohol testing industry, and develop and oversee education, certification, and accreditation programs for the drug and alcohol testing industry,
  • To serve as the coordinated voice for the industry on regulatory and legislative matters of drug and alcohol testing and collection issues as well as drug free workplace regulatory issues;
  • To serve as a body for discussion and resolution of common problems and issues affecting the drug and alcohol testing industry;
  • To inform its members of issues affecting their businesses through newsletters, legislative alerts and meetings;
  • To collect and disseminate information on drug and alcohol service and product providers through a national directory distributed to business and the general public; and,
  • To actively cooperate with other entities, organizations, and service providers involved with or affected by drug and alcohol testing on common interests and concerns, including but not limited to, substance abuse professionals, substance abuse program administrators, employee assistance professionals, Medical Review Officers, testing laboratories and employer trade associations.